What Our Agents Do?

We think about our agents as soldiers that fight on the battlefield called real estate market. And indeed, every day that an agent spends on the field is another day of battle against other agents and people who sell and buy properties. An agent has a plethora of responsibilities, and they have to follow the rules set by the government. Here are some things that our agents go through every day to fulfill every request that a client makes.

Responsibilities of our real estate agents

Responsibilities of our real estate agentsEach and every agent that works with us has a set of responsibilities they have to fulfill. Providing guidance and helping our clients is their greatest responsibility. They have to complete their part of the work and secure the best possible terms for their customers.

An agent has to check their client’s background and determine what their financial power is. This will allow them to narrow down the number of properties they have to go through. This requires a certain level of social interaction skill, as some clients don’t like to talk about their financial status. A useful social skill is also important in intermediating negotiation processes as well as client consultations and dealing with other agents. Our agents also have to deal with mortgages and other related matters to ensure fair trade. No successful agent can survive in this business without proper social etiquette.

Other stuff you should know about agents and their responsibility

Many people think that agents only go on the field and that their part of the work ends once they return to the office. This is far from the truth as a good portion of the agent’s job is finished in the agency. One of the responsibilities of an agent is to find a possible buyer or a seller of a property and to find a property that a client requests. They have to check the market and compare the prices of similar properties to determine whether the price they have is fair to their client.

A significant portion of work our agency does is the paperwork. An agent has to finish all the necessary paperwork that will conclude a sale or purchase. It’s important to take that burden of the client and to make sure that all documents are there when the transaction completes. Speed is essential in this business and forcing a client to get those documents is just a waste of time.