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Real Estate Tools and Resources

   Every real estate agency that seeks success in their business has to rely on various tools to present and complete property sales and to buy property under the listed price. The amount of resources that go into this process is staggering, but we have our ways of lowering some resources we have to spend.

Top-rated agents:

We employ only the best agents that are available on the market. These people are capable of fulfilling every request our client makes.

More listings:

 Major tools we real estate agencies use are the listings. They are the perfect way to share the knowledge about the property and to attract possible buyers.

Home Estimates:

Evaluating a property is not an easy job, but it gives us knowledge about things we should look at when we work with buyers.


Save Your Time With Us

    If you are reading this, then you got tired of waiting for several months to sell a property, or to buy one. Indeed, many real estate agencies are just a waste of time. They require several months to complete a contract and all the time it takes to do it, they ask for additional resources. We enter into agreements on the bases of the fee that we ask when we complete all points found within the agreement. Save some time and work with us because we make sales in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

Pick your perfect property:

  •  Apartments: You are after an apartment, but all of the offers you find are too expensive? We understand your frustrations, but do not fret, for we are here to solve all of your problems. We have several dozens of apartments on some listings, and you can choose the apartment that suits you.
  • Cottages: A lot of people want a cabin that is far from other people, next to a mountain or a lake. We understand the need for a get-away place where people go to rest from everyday issues. Check our listings, and you will find several charming cottages at a premium location and affordable prices.
  • Homes: Buying a beautiful suburb house with a small garden or pool is hard when you look at the market. But we have our agents that will take your place in the negotiations process and therefore get a better price. We also have connections with agents who help us to find premium property.


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I always wanted a cottage in the mountains, a place where my family can go and rest from everyday life. It was hard to find such property at an affordable price until my friends mentioned Westlothian. This agency took my request seriously, and after just two weeks they supplied us with several different offers, from which we accepted on” said Peter Snyder

Our third child” states Michael “was the sign that we need a bigger house. Westlothian is the agency we dealt in the past, and we decided to work with them once again. They understood us before, and they understood us once again, like no other agency. You have to figure out that my wife had some specific demands and this company managed to find a property to suit both my wife’s and mine requests.

It’s hard to find an affordable apartment for a student that just got out of college. I thought about giving up after several months, but my work colleague mentioned Westlothian and said something about high prices they can find. I made contact with this agency, and they gave me a list of affordable apartments and one of those was a perfect match” explains Sarah Lorentzen